Architects, the extremely popular British metalcore band featuring Sylosis mastermind Josh Middleton, released a new single a couple of weeks ago, “Meteor,” from their forthcoming album, For Those That Wish to Exist.

Now that song has gotten the video treatment with a Jeb Hardwick-directed clip that combines real footage with animation for a Waking Life-like vibe of surreality. And in writing it up here, I stumbled upon some comments MetalSucks readers left on our other recent posts about the band… and I couldn’t resist sharing!

As previously stated, Axl and I are both neither here nor there about Architects, so I’m sharing all of these comments as an unbiased third party bystander: I have no dog in the race of which is better — old Architects or new Architects — I simply find the argument entertaining to watch!

And so:

The first comment (“first!”) on the initial “Meteor” post was left by NuFlynnInDaHaus, who is clearly just trolling:

“Yo imma tired of dese mallcore/emo metal bandz u kno when we will get some REAL Metal like Machine Headz Da Burning Red”

A commenter who identifies as Sad, on the other hand, is clearly quite perturbed by Architects’ recent shift in direction:

“MetalSucks shouldn’t even cover this band anymore because they aren’t metal. I can’t comprehend why one of the best heavy bands ever decided to completely change genres. I want to cancel my preorder. These songs aren’t worth listening to more than once. How disappointing: no vocal complexity from Sam, no interesting riffs or drumming. These songs have nothing special to them. Meh indeed. Do yourselves a favor and listen to the albums Daybreaker, Lost Forever/Lost Together, All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us, and Holy Hell instead; those are metal masterpieces.”

BlackDeath keeps it simple and real:

“Damn, this is horrible.”

While one anonymous poster is a person after my own heart:

“Sylosis’ Worship Decay is a banger though”

Touche, it was.

Turning our attention to December’s post about Architects’ then-new song “Black Lungs,” we start with a positive post from Ali G, a longtime admirer of the band, proving that at least some MetalSucks readers a) like Architects, and b) enjoy their new material:

“In the UK, Architects have gone from being the band who always supported BMTH when they were touring club venues 10 year ago, to headlining arenas in their own right. They are flying the flag for British metal at the moment and are popular to the point where Doomsday, the single from their last album, was getting mainstream radio play. Hugely loyal following here.”

Kurt responded to Ali G with support:

“Yeah they always came off as very authentic and British groove metal always rules. I adore their Deftones cover.”

Someone posting as Ugh, on the other hand, felt a bit let down:

“These first 2 singles are bumming me out…I love this band.”

A sentiment echoed by Disappointing:

“Another letdown from the former titans of metalcore.”

As well as Iancothis:

“This stuff does absolutely nothing for me.”

Uhhok wasn’t into that song either, but fancies themself a music industry prognosticator:

“Sounds like just another alt-pop-trying too hard to be metal act. Future Grammy nominee material right here.”

There. Now don’t you feel as if your life has been enriched knowing what a bunch of internet randos think about a band? These are the most important conversations of our times.

You can watch the new video for “Meteor” below.

[embedded content]

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