On Thursday, October 29, GWAR appeared on Adult Swim’s Fishcenter Live. You can watch the episode at this link until Tuesday, November 3. GWAR appear around the 21:50 mark if you just wanna skip to their part. Alas, they did not eat any of the fish.

GWAR aren’t the first metal band to pop up on FishcenterDying Fetus appeared on the program in 2018.

This part of a very big week for GWAR: today, they released the 30th anniversary edition of their album Scumdogs of the Universe, and tonight, they’ll star in a virtual online concert, Scumdogs XXX Live. Tickets are available here.

The band celebrated the Scumdogs anniversary earlier this month with a new live for the song “Sick of You,” featuring the late, great Oderus Urungus. You can watch that here.

 [via The PRP]

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