The time has come… Brand new GOROD has arrived! You can enjoy the band’s DIY release music video for the brand new track “Victory” right here, right now :  All relevant links and information can be found here : MERCH: Vapocalypse VIDEO : Directed by Karol Diers Shot by Joël Queyrel & Karol […] …Continue Reading

DOMINICIDE – The Architecture of Oppression Genre: Thrash Metal / Death Metal Location: Glasgow, Scotland ??????? For fans of: Revocation, Obscura, Sylosis, Shadow of Intent 00:00 1. The Empowered 04:51 2. The Orchestraitors 11:22 3. Theocracy 17:21 4. Reincarnate SOCIALS MERCH & MUSIC ‘The Architecture of Oppression’ is Dominicide’s […] …Continue Reading

HATALOM – The Depths Of Consciousness Album: HATALOM – Occhiolism Genre: Technical Death Metal Location: Quebec City ?? For fans of: Beyond Creation, Fallujah, Inanimate Existence  Links: ‘’The Depths Of Consciousness’’ was taken from the album Occhiolism released in March 2021 Video made by Janick Cote. Special thanks to David Lizotte, […] …Continue Reading

BURIAL IN THE SKY – Wayfarer (Saxophone & Guitar Playthrough) Album: BURIAL IN THE SKY – The Consumed Self Genre: Prog / Technical Death Metal Location: Pennsylvania, USA ?? For fans of: Black Crown Initiate, Fallujah, Rivers Of Nihil, Alustrium, Virvum  Order “The Consumed Self” out now: Indie Merch Season of Mist […] …Continue Reading

w/ Decibel Magazine MAN MUST DIE – Bring Me the Head of the King Genre: Death Metal Location: Glasgow, Scotland, UK ?? For fans of: Origin & Misery Index  Spotify – Facebook – Merch – “Our new single is a representation of the last year and a half of frustration and […] …Continue Reading

BROKEN GLASS SANCTUARY – A Kingdom Below Genre: Death Metal Location: East Bay Area, California ?? For fans of: Cannibal Corpse, Pathology, The Black Dahlia Murder, Thy Art is Murder, Whitechapel, Aborted YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Bandcamp: Spotify: Website: 00:00 1. From The Depths 00:59 2. Legions of Baal (ft. […] …Continue Reading

OggoG (nope, not BURIAL IN THE SKY) – SLAMburger Helper Genre: SLAM / Death Metal Location: Greater Philadelphia ?? For fans of: Metalocalypse: Dethklok, Cannabis Corpse, BROJOB, anyone who isn’t Burial In The Sky  Facebook – Bandcamp – OggoG isn’t Burial In The Sky. It definitely isn’t a joke band made up […] …Continue Reading

MOLOCH – What Once Was Genre: Epic Death Metal, (Symphonic Death Metal, Brutal Death Metal, Technical Death Metal if you like) Location: Rostock, Germany ?? For fans of: Nile, Septicflesh, Behemoth, Ex Deo, Aeternam, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hollenthon  00:00 1. Burning Karthago 04:54 2. The Shepherd 08:23 3. Onward to Kadesh Instagram – Bandcamp […] …Continue Reading

I, PARIAH – Denier Album: I, PARIAH – Dystopian Visions Genre: Deathcore Location: Phoenix, Arizona For fans of: Whitechapel, Fit For an Autopsy, Thy Art Is Murder, Carnifex, Shadow of Intent, I Declare War, and Lorna Shore  Links: Spotify: Fcebook: Instagram: @ipariahbandaz Website: ‘Denier’ is the latest featured single from I, […] …Continue Reading

VITRIFIED ENTITY – Hygroscopic, Soaring Album: VITRIFIED ENTITY – Eternal Vitreous Dissolve (out Sept 25th! – Genre: Instrumental Neoclassical Technical Death Metal Location: Québec, QC, Canada ?? For fans of: First Fragment, Necrophagist, Archspire, Dawn of Dementia, Bach, Chiliasm (shared member w/ VITRIFIED ENTITY), Instrumental Metal  BC: FB: IG: Album […] …Continue Reading