While Cardi B made a zillion pearl-clutchers outraged last year with her banging anthem “WAP,” this year sees the starched world losing their shit over “Montero,” the new track by “Old Town Road” rapper Lil […]
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If there’s one thing metalheads love that makes people outside the genre chuckle, it’s cats. Headbangers may be dour, no-nonsense apocalypse-worshippers most of the time, but hand them a cat and they’ll start making ‘PSPSPSPSPS’ […]
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Whitney Houston once sang that children are our future, but Jonathan Davis once said, “BRRRRATUUUR NANA!” Perhaps that’s why a generation of young listeners felt more in touch with Korn than with Whitney — the […]
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Plenty of trends have come and gone in the world of YouTube viral videos, but supercuts of public addresses which make famous people “sing” classic metal and rap songs has remained at least somewhat funny. […]
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At the end of the day, there’s nothing more metal than working with actual metal. If you’re melting, smelting, forging our pouring molten metal, you have a level of scene cred greater than any heavily-tattooed […]
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For as long as most metalheads can remember, the sign of the horns — also known as ‘throwing the goat’ — has been the hand gesture through which metal fandom is communicated. When you see […]
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Perhaps the most fun part of any Metallica song to imitate is James Hetfield’s weird little vocal injections. But while  the ol’ “OOOOH, YEAH-HEAH” is great, and the the extra syllable on words like “LIGHT-UH” […]
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