Words by Jimmy Glinster I’m not sure which part of the day was the strangest, the fact I was rolling into a show at lunchtime or the fact that I was going to a band competition. It’s both the first time I’ve been to a show at lunchtime or a band comp for at least […] …Continue Reading

The final pieces of The World Is A Vampire Festival local supports puzzle locked into place over the weekend with the completion of the final of the Battle of the Bands competition at Vinnies Dive Bar on the Gold Coast. Run by Rebel FM and hosted by the charismatic Dave, yesterday’s final saw the culmination […] …Continue Reading

Words by Jimmy Glinster Pix by Helheim Photographic The evening kicks off at 3:30 which is way early for this old bastard and unfortunately, I’ve had to give up my arvo nana-nap. Enough of my sulking though, let’s get to the show. A short video introduces us to We The Hollow who kick off proceedings […] …Continue Reading

Brisbane heavy outfit We The Hollow today unleash the lead single Lie To Me, taken from their upcoming EP Self Revelation which is due out on September 16. We The Hollow have been steadily building towards this release for the last 18 months, playing countless shows in preparation for their debut EP, and you can […] …Continue Reading

The phrase “pay your dues” is never more applicable than in the music industry. Unfortunately, sometimes those dues take what seems like a lifetime to pay off, with some talented and promising outfits throughout history succumbing to defeat before attaining that elusive grail. While to many it is a cop out, in it’s purest form […] …Continue Reading

Any music festival that openly declares its love for the music community as a whole is a winner in the eyes of HEAVY, so when our good friends at Vamped Up decided to host a soirée and call it Our Party, we knew this was going to be something pretty special. After initially being slated for the beginning of […] …Continue Reading

Gold Coast, it’s your turn next to join in the celebrations as HEAVY keeps delivering the goods as part of their 10th year. On Sunday, July 24, Mo’s Desert Clubhouse will feel the wrath of a wall of heaviness led by Byron Bay extreme metal legends From Crisis To Collapse who look finally set to […] …Continue Reading

After the success of the Sydney and Melbourne birthday celebrations, HEAVY is next setting its sights on Mo’s Desert Clubhouse to hold the next musical homage with a host of our favourite friends on July 24. Byron Bay extreme metal outfit From Crisis To Collapse have had little luck getting out of their home town […] …Continue Reading

VIEW HEAVY AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS DIGIMAG #68 HERE There’s plenty to love about music in Australia right now. The first International tour of the year is underway, with Under The Southern Stars bringing Bush, Stone Temple Pilots, Cheap Trick and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to our shores with a couple of shows down and more to […] …Continue Reading

While COVID didn’t discriminate when it came to putting a halt on the music industry, it is fair to say that some bands were hit harder than others. Established bands with a pre-existing fan base had that foundation to lean on when attempting to keep their spirits up and connect with their fan base, but […] …Continue Reading