There are a lot of ways we can show our love for bands, but a Slipknot fan getting a manicure and getting each member painted onto their nails? This we gotta see. Miya (thenailritual) is […]
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While some may refer to dog as man’s best friend, some of us may call upon the cat – and in particular, those of Black Metal Cats! Many may not associate black metal and cats […]
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While this may read like an Onion article, Google’s publicly available search trend data did reveal something a bit comical over the weekend-  a Sunday NY Times crossword puzzle apparently had a lot of people stumped […]
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Last weekend, rapper Travis Scott’s annual Astroworld Festival turned into a complete disaster. After ignoring countless red flags and warnings by Houston PD, Scott took the stage after making his fans wait for two hours, […]
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As most metalheads — and metal journalists — are aware, Facebook and Instagram have become ultra-puritanical lately. Whether it’s their absolute hatred of female nipples or their disgust at the word ‘f**k’ (yup, even with […]
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Given his monstrous appearance, vicious nature, and morally-ambiguous stance of protecting the innocent with hardcore violence, it’s unsurprising that Marvel’s Venom has become one of metalheads’ favorite comic book characters. It also doesn’t hurt that […]
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We love the cast of Jackass, but sweet fucking Jesus, those guys put themselves in the kind of harm’s way that makes it difficult to feel sympathetic when they get hurt. Only back in July, a […]
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The coronavirus inspired many of us to take on hobbies we never expected to have as a part of our lives. Making sourdough bread was certainly a thing, as was crossfit, splitting wood, and of […]
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