San Diego’s progressive extreme metal destroyers, Cave Bastard, take a club to vaccine skeptics in their new “Anti-Vaxxtermination” video.
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Check out an exclusive clip from the Voivod “We Are Connected” documentary filmmakers as well as info on the film’s Kickstarter launch. To Morgoth!
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You can say this about Living Dead Girl: they know what they’re doing. Led by band founder Molly Rennick, the Canadian spooky groove metal act have their sonic profile down to a T: syrupy, hard-hitting […]
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There’s a steadfastness to Reality Grey that’s vital to the music they make. While many bands have tried, floundered, and failed at the art of metalcore and melodeath, the Italian five-piece embrace the genre with […]
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It is Valentine’s Day, and you know what that means… that’s right, crusty hardcore love music from Possession 1981 in the form of a new music video for “Pendulum Has Swung.” Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading. Let us set the stage: it is February 14th 20XX, and a big lugContinue Reading

It’s Monday and Monday’s suck, so let’s grind it out with a music video premiere of Holy Grinder’s “Heretic.” Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading. Welcome to the first, I believe, Monday Grind of 2021. More like the Monthly Grind, and as quick disclaimer, that is how this column is goingContinue Reading

Chicago doomlords The Skull (featuring ex-members of Trouble) roll out the latest video from their second album, The Endless Roads Turns Dark.
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It’s not that JRAL doesn’t like you, it’s more about looking at the world as one might look at water damage in an abandoned building. The noise-oriented rapper’s music may sound hostile to the point […]
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