"He was the band, really. We were all a part of the band, but he was the most irreplaceable one out of all of us."  —Ozzy Osbourne laying well-deserved praise on guitar god/God, Tony Iommi during episode #33 of Rick Rubin's Broken Record podcast (2020). There is perhaps no other lineup in heavy metal history […]
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Slayer's "Epidemic" performed by: Kenny Hickey (Silvertomb / Type O Negative) Dave Witte (Municipal Waste) Phil Demmel (Vio-lence) Anders Odden (Cadaver) Monte Pittman (Madonna) Mixed by Mikhail Marinas Of Brady Street Recordings. Taken from Slay At Home Fest in support of Musicares / The Iggy Fund / NAMI / Cancer Research Institute DONATE HERE
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For the one year anniversary edition of Slay At Home, I announce my most ambitious show to date, which also happens to be the finale. As they say, all good things must come to an end. I started Slay At Home early in the pandemic as my personal mission to create an entertainment fundraiser that […]
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A banner year for the underground and one where metal's biggest album ever was released. Continue reading… …Continue Reading

Type O Negative “Everyone I Love Is Dead” Covered by:Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost)Nate Garret (Spirit Adrift)Joseph D Rowland (Pallbearer)Mike MacIvor (Candiria)Frank Godla (Metal Injection / Nitesoil) Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading. Watch the full livestream here Want More Metal? Subscribe To Our Daily Newsletter Enter your e-mail below to getContinue Reading

Part of why the synthwave movement is so attractive to metalheads is that it automatically smacks of the ’80s, and specifically of ’80s horror movies. Sure, you can make synthwave that’s more laser malls than […]
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Ten Second Songs is here with a cover that forgoes the usual array of styles, and instead focuses in heavily on just one. Channel mastermind Anthony Vincent covered Type O Negative‘s “Black No. 1” in its entirety as a synthwave song in the style of Silent Knife. Advertisement. Scroll toContinue Reading