The beauty of the Internet is that you can find pretty much anything you’ve ever desired for purchase. And while this might be just fine for the average person, it’s especially helpful for metalheads, whose […]
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Black metal bloodsuckers Cradle of Filth are definitely taking their merch game in interesting new directions. Last year, the band announced a line of signature teas for fans to gently sip on the graves of […]
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Metalheads definitely love their toys. Whether it’s because fans consider their musical idols superheroes, or because the genre originated in the massive toy boom of the ’80s (the era that spawned Transformers, He-Man, Ninja Turtles, […]
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We know that Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam D. likes an occasional tipple here and there (read: he once drank 40 forties while making a career-defining album with his band). Now, a Japanese toy company has […]
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Over the years, the witch from the iconic cover of Black Sabbath‘s 1970 self-titled debut has become a heavy metal icon, even though she’s barely visible in the original photo use for the record sleeve. Now, in honor of the album’s 50th anniversary, plastic figurine purveyors Funko have announced thatContinue Reading