Here are some of the noteworthy metal / rock singles to be released this week! Browse and listen below. For singles from previous weeks – CLICK HERE. To see all the most anticipated albums for November 2020 – CLICK HERE. To see new albums released this week – CLICK HERE. Abiotic…Continue Reading

Here are some of this week’s recommended metal releases to listen to when you’re not spinning the first six Van Halen records repeatedly (RIP EVH). Ascension Of The WatchersApocrypha (Dissonance) Weird how all this Fear Factory drama is happening around the release date of Burton “C. Bell” Seabell’s latest albumContinue Reading

Post-hardcore outfit Touché Amoré have released their latest album Lament via Epitaph Records. A band known for their vinyl packaging, Touché Amoré have this time launched a Lament visual album via YouTube that features expanded artwork brought to life and in motion by band resident art director & designer NickContinue Reading