This week’s Australian Artist DigiMag is further proof – if any was needed – that music in this country is great and only getting better!
Acolyte feature on the cover, talking about their latest masterpiece Entropy, with Grinding Eyes, Carmeria and Nothing Sacred also giving us the inside information on their new releases.
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If you’ve ever set foot in Checkpoint, you’ll already know it’s more than just a bar. It’s our happy place – where we game together, sing together, dress up together and make the best memories together. It’s where we are family!
Unfortunately, as some of you may know, running this little slice of nerd heaven hasn’t come without its challenges. From leasing issues and severe flood damage to the ol’ Rona… it’s been a tough ride for our mates Luke and Teeshan to keep the doors open.
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With live music starting to rear its not so ugly head once more it is refreshing to see new promotions companies willing to enter the fray and help pull the live music scene out of the forced hibernation it has been forced to endure.
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Brisbane Alt-Rock rising sensations Torizon are kicking off the year with a bang by dropping their heaviest track yet, “Burning Away”.
This absolute belter was produced by Robb Torres (Robbery Inc.) and Ian Sefchick (Capitol Records) and was heavily inspired by the chaotic events of 2020.
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The festival season kicks off in a couple of weeks with The Other Festival in Brisbane and this week headliners Cog join HEAVY for a chat about the festival and more.
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Australian Alt-Rockers Torizon are back with their heaviest track yet “Burning Away”.
Opening the song with “We could do so much more without you” the band sends a clear message of urgent action underpinned with frustration.
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Brisbane hard rock/heavy outfit Torizon have started the year in style with the release of their latest single “Burning Away”
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Alternative rock outfit Torizon are planning to usher in the new year with a new single slated for release on January 22.
“Burning Away” will be premiered exclusively through HEAVY and promises to be the bands heaviest and most angst-ridden track yet.
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Brutal Coast returns for another round of live action on the Gold Coast on November 27.
To be held at Mo’s Desert Clubhouse, this incarnation follows on from the sold-out previous show,  showcasing the talents of Torizon, Snake Mountain, Eternal Torment and MindsEnd.
Tickets on sale now through
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