The Faction, Australia’s premier 24/7 heavy music streaming radio station and heavy music community are today announcing that voting is open in The Faction’s Hardest 100 Countdown of 2020!
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Melvins toured with Tool twice – once in the late 90s when Tool put out Ænima, and once again in the mid-2000s when 10,000 Days came out. Melvins drummer Dale Crover got pranked real bad during one of those tours. Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading. According to Crover in anContinue Reading

Tour pranks are a time-honored tradition of bands on the road. Whether it’s the ol’ hand-in-warm-water or hiring an overweight male stripper for your pal on their birthday, the monotony of the tour life can […]
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It’s no secret that actor Jason Mamoa is a big fan of heavy music. The Aquaman star has partied with members of Slayer, and portrayed Ozzy Osbourne in one of the Prince of Darkness’ videos. But in […]
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