“[We’re] feeling better in the neon light!” Oh yes, they are! HELLOWEEN have finally entered the stages again and successfully started their United Forces tour with HAMMERFALL at packed venues in the UK about two weeks ago. Reason enough for the German cult metal band to celebrate with their fans in the form of a new limited vinyl single, Best Time which is out […] …Continue Reading

Get ready for another taste of the WASTE! Richmond’s hard-charging, thrash metal maniacs MUNICIPAL WASTE have revealed the blistering second single, High Speed Steel, from their massively-anticipated 7th studio album, Electrified Brain, that’s due out July 1 via Nuclear Blast.  Commenting on the single, guitarist Ryan Waste says: “High Speed Steel is our ode to an era when heavy metal was transitioning into a faster […] …Continue Reading

It’s not often I will publicly come out and endorse a band, but if you have not yet been touched by the charms and ferocity of Louisville metal pioneers Belushi Speed Ball, then I suggest you go out and binge yourself and enter the playfully beautiful and bizarre world of a band who genuinely don’t […] …Continue Reading

Just recently, Germany’s Cult Thrashers NECRONOMICON announced their new 11th studio album in the works, and today the band reveals new details about their yet untitled effort. Freddy, the band’s frontman and vocalist, shares: “12 songs are written and today 12.05.2022 the 13th song will be finished. 13 songs full of power and hardness. A […] …Continue Reading

Oathbringer was formed at the end of 2019 as a project of guitarist Lazar “Berserker” Zakić, under thename Riddle of Steel. Shortly after that, bassist and singer Miloš “Priestkiller” Stošić joined the project, and the first demos were made in that period. The line-up became complete at the beginning of 2020 with the arrival of […] …Continue Reading

Indiana death/thrash band DEMIRICOUS have unleashed their song Smoke Chaser. The track is taken from their highly anticipated album III: Chaotic Lethal, which is out on May 13, 2022 “From a writing standpoint, we took a bit of a different approach on this one,” the band said. “With the chorus, we wanted to open it up with […] …Continue Reading

Extreme Metal pioneers VENOM INC. are proud to announce their sophomore album There’s Only Black, which will be released on September 23, 2022 via NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS.  Almost 40 years after their inception, the revitalized 1989 – 1992 Venom line-up of guitarist Jeff “Mantas” Dunn and vocalist/bassist Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan and the new addition of drummer Jeramie ‘Warmachine’ Kling have returned with one hell of a […] …Continue Reading

Hardcore x thrash crossover band Cage Fight have dropped the new single Killer. Listen to and watch the visualizer below.  Bassist Jon Reid explains, “‘Killer’ is a release of anger and fury directed at anyone that has caused wrong and is a rallying cry to those that feel pure visceral rage and need a soundtrack to that pure emotion. The song’s intensity is […] …Continue Reading

Without question, Australia’s premiere thrash band, Mortal Sin have a legacy that harks back over 35 years! The first Aussie metal band to take their music to the world, Mortal Sin amassed a massive following across the globe and are regarded as pioneers to this day. Cherry Red Records are proud to release the very long overdue reissues of […] …Continue Reading

Preparing to unleash their new album, Cherry Blossoms at Night, on July 29, BOX has released the first taste of the album, Succumb. The band comments: “Succumb is an anti-homage to the all-knowing musical overseers that instruct listeners to not travel certain paths as if the overseer’s musical endeavors and life experiences grant them unyielding esoteric intellect. box believes […] …Continue Reading