Si-Fest is upon us!
This Saturday night, February 20, sees the Brisbane metal community unite to pay respects and raise money for Simon Russell-White, vocalist from local outfit Massic, who suffered a near-fatal heart complication late last year.
That Simon is still with us is a miracle in itself, but with life-saving open-heart…Continue Reading

Redcliffe bass player Ian “Squirty” Graham last week launched the first video of a four-part series detailing his musical journey and focussing on four bands that have defined his life and career to date.
After reliving his time with Mr Steenki in Episode One, Squirty this week recounts his time with local hard…Continue Reading

After a twenty-year absence, Elephant Gun have returned with new single “Kill Street Blues”.
The song proves Elephant Gun have lost none of their edge, retaining that dirty rock feel that saw the band play with The Screaming Jets, Sunk Loto, Grinspoon and Shihad around the turn of the century.
They have also…Continue Reading

It is with great pride and pleasure that we bring to you the first-ever HEAVY Australian Artists Digi-Mag!
I have a few new ideas to bring to HEAVY but I felt it important to make sure this was the first new major change under my tenure because…Continue Reading

Australian iconic rock band The Screaming Jets refused to let COVID impact their plans to put out new music this year, with the band deciding instead to rework and re-record five of their classic tunes and assemble them on one E.P. Favourites “Helping Hand”, “Shivers” “Sad Song”, “Friend of Mine”Continue Reading