Welcome to the Aussie Content DigiPlaylist. This week we feature new music and classic tunes from artists featured in Issue #94. Crank up the new tracks from The Overcoming Project, Seawitch, Firing Squad, Alda Sky, As Paradise Falls, Medusa Glare, Clutch, Instynkt, Raised As Wolves, MaxxaM, Genghis Nash, Abreact, The Prize and Temtris, plus some […] …Continue Reading

Generally when you think of solo artists – particularly in heavy metal – you automatic reaction is that a solo artist couldn’t possibly possess all of the necessary skills and attributes to fully flesh out what is required to make a splash on the metal scene. If, like me, you think that way then take […] …Continue Reading

VIEW HEAVY AUSTRALIAN CONTENT DIGIMAG #94 HERE The Aussie metal scene is alive and well, not just in terms of our own bands doing plenty, but also by virtue of the number of International bands touring or about to tour. This week we feature The Overcoming Project as our featured cover artist, talking about the […] …Continue Reading

Melbourne Soloist The Overcoming Project just dropped his crushing new single Victory featuring world class musicians Mike Heller of Fear Factory and Jon Howard of Threat Signal. Victory is a triumphant closer to the Determination trilogy created as a cathartic release of personal trauma surrounding immigration, a Doctorate degree and Type I Diabetes. Featuring a relentless and ominous mix of death and doom inspired riffage, spine shrinking breakdowns […] …Continue Reading

VIEW HEAVY AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS DIGIMAG #88 HERE We have a bumper issue of the Australian Artists DigiMag for you this week, with heaps of interviews, premieres and new music! With the release of their new single Dig In, Brisbane rock machine PistonFist have claimed the honour of the front cover, but The Butterfly Effect, Truck, […] …Continue Reading

Melbourne soloist The Overcoming Project is set to release his visceral new single Overcoming this Friday. Featuring world class metal musicians such as Mike Heller of Fear Factory, Jon Howard of Threat Signal and Sergei “Efes” Fomin of FS Projekt, this ferocious and impactful track stands as a powerful follow-up to their latest single Determination […] …Continue Reading

VIEW HEAVY AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS DIGIMAG #84 HERE The abundance of talent within the Australian music scene at the moment is sensational. Even someone like my good self who lives and breathes music pretty much 24/7 is being ambushed by a wealth of new and established bands that had somehow managed to slip under my radar. […] …Continue Reading

Melbourne metal artist, The Overcoming Project, just released his crushing new single, Determination featuring world class metal musicians such as Mike Heller of Fear Factory, Jon Howard of Threat Signal, and Sergei “Efes” Fomin of FS Projekt. Determination treats listeners to blistering fretwork, death metal-esque riffage, Heller’s pummelling rhythms, Howard’s larger than life vocals and […] …Continue Reading