When it comes to soundtracks featuring heavy music there have been some absolute classics over the years. There are some today that I still regularly listen to and as I sit down to write this review I just realised that they came out 20 years ago. There was the Spawn soundtrack which strangely saw rock […] …Continue Reading

Hailing from Mongolia, THE HU have combined traditional music and instrumentation performed in their native language using native instrumentation with Western modern rock stylings to create a unique and catchy sound they have labelled as Hunnu Rock.  The acclaimed rock outfit have today, September 2, unleashed their anticipated second official studio album RUMBLE OF THUNDER via Better Noise Music alongside the music video […] …Continue Reading

Compelling breakthrough Mongolian rock group THE HU are excited to reveal the second part of their epic single/cinematic music video, Black Thunder (Part Two). Watch it below. Black Thunder (Part One) was released in July and has since garnered over 1.4 million views. The videos for Black Thunder were filmed in the band’s native country Mongolia and tell a powerful story of battle, faith, and death […] …Continue Reading

With so much going on in their stable of artists, Better Noise Music have decided to collate the latest news and releases into one easily digestible video. Titled Welcome To The Noise, the short round-up of news comes out every month to make sure music lovers don’t miss out on up-to-date happenings from your favourite […] …Continue Reading

Critically celebrated Mongolian rock band THE HU will kick off their Black Thunder tour of Australia and New Zealand in a matter of days! The band are proud to announce their opening acts! On all Australian shows, The Blackwater Fever will rattle audiences down to their bone marrow via some thunderous, tortured electric guitar, mesmerising organ swirls and the unrelenting rhythmic stomp of their atmospheric, blues-heavy […] …Continue Reading