The cards are well and truly in our favour in 2023, with Australian heavy weights In Hearts Wake revealing the Decade of Divination Tour, an extra-special run of shows this April and May celebrating the album that started it all back in 2012. Hitting stages this Autumn around the country and along for the ride […] …Continue Reading

Welcome to a brand-new chapter of lyrical lore, flamboyant characters, and plot twists that will leave listeners clutching their chests with glee. Welcome to a new era of The Gloom Cinematic Universe. Welcome to Trinity. Out today via SharpTone Records, cinema-core masterminds The Gloom In The Corner have officially released their sophomore record, a thirteen-track […] …Continue Reading

Descending deep within the Rabbit Hole dimension and diving straight back into the heart of the unholy trinity’s harrowing trek through the hellish underworld, cinema-core specialists, The Gloom In The Corner once again rejoin the Ronin, Girl of Glass, and Queen of Misanthropy as they hunt for one of literature’s most infamous artifacts via the band’s aptly […] …Continue Reading

By CJ NASH You have to hand it to Melbourne cinema-core outfit The Gloom In The Corner when it comes to originality. Not only does the band invest much time, effort and skill into their musicality including features, samples and symphonic touches, but they have also meticulously constructed a conceptual story arc that involves many […] …Continue Reading

Hang on to your cowboy hats and get ready for a crossover because metalcore maestros The Gloom In The Corner are taking listeners to church, cinema-core style, with their new single and music video New Order. Featuring Taylor Barber of popular Atlanta deathcore outfit Left To Suffer, the Australian quartet’s latest track flexes their versatility, delivering a seething blend of symphonic metal […] …Continue Reading

VIEW HEAVY AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS DIGIMAG #88 HERE We have a bumper issue of the Australian Artists DigiMag for you this week, with heaps of interviews, premieres and new music! With the release of their new single Dig In, Brisbane rock machine PistonFist have claimed the honour of the front cover, but The Butterfly Effect, Truck, […] …Continue Reading

Immersed in a world in which a disorienting clock ticks out of time and red clouds swirl forebodingly amidst a lingering sense of death and destruction, The Gloom In The Corner paint a picture for listeners: the Rabbit Hole is not the menacing Hell you think you know from myth and legend. Rather… it’s much worse.  Out today […] …Continue Reading

VIEW HEAVY DIGIMAG #213 HERE The Hu are finally coming to Australia and have pretty much sold out every show already! Despite the language barrier just knew we had to chat with these guys so with an interpreter in hand off we went to find out more about the tour and new album Rumble Of […] …Continue Reading

Unveiling their signing to SharpTone Records earlier this week, “cinema-core” specialists The Gloom In The Corner have officially pulled back the curtain on their latest project. Today, the band reveals news of their sophomore studio album Trinity, and with it, the continuation of the ever-unfolding story arc laid out by each of their previous concept-based releases.  Due out October 28, Trinity follows […] …Continue Reading

With the inaugural Knight & Day Festival at Kryal Castle in Ballarat just around the corner, HEAVY felt it appropriate to recognize some of this countries finest up and comers by asking them a few questions and tips. To be held on December 30 and 31, Knight & Day features recognizable names such as Parkway Drive, Polaris, Thy Art Is Murder and Clowns, but how […] …Continue Reading