After a seven-year hiatus that had many questioning whether or not The Amenta would indeed commit music to disk again, the band is back with a vengeance with their fourth – and arguably best offering Revelator.
Opening with “An Epoch Ellipsis” any doubts as to whether The Amenta had maintained their rage…Continue Reading

This week’s Digimag cover brings good news with the return of Osaka Punch as bass player Reggie joins us for a chat about their new drummer and plans for the future.
Bounty Hunters drop in for an update, while Tempest Rising run us through their crushing new single…Continue Reading

The Amenta have used their seven-year hiatus to methodically deconstruct and reimagine their already distinctive core sound: incorporating maximalist industrial black metal ballast, disturbingly cinematic ambient/noise textures, treated violin, dread acoustics and circuit-bent electronics into a labyrinthine set of infectious hymns to societal collapse which juxtapose dreamlike moments of strange calm…Continue Reading

Despite the best efforts of a certain individual to bring the Australian Music Industry and media to their knees, this weeks Aussie Digi-Mag still has plenty to offer.
I don’t want to vent too much here because we all know how fucked this whole situation is, but one…Continue Reading

It has been seven years since Australian Avant-Garde metal band The Amenta brought us a new album but that has all changed this week with the band releasing their fourth studio album – Revelator. With their fans so excited to hear new music from one of Australia’s most interesting bands HEAVY Magazine sent Dave G to sit down…Continue Reading

February 19th marks the date of the official return of Australian avant-garde metal band The Amenta.
Their fourth album Revelator, a complex, yet highly engaging puzzle of nine compositions, is now released and officially available via EVP Recordings.
Ornated by a thoughtful cover artwork designed by Metastazis (Morbid Angel, Behemoth), Revelator highlights on…Continue Reading

With The Amenta’s new album Revelator set for release on February 19, the band has heightened interest with the release of the video clip for second single “An Epoch Ellipsis”.
Shot in black and white, the film clip complements the bands’ nasty, unrelenting and at times complex sonic approach, creating a foreboding…Continue Reading

After seven years away from the public limelight, The Amenta this week exploded back onto the scene with their crushing new single “Sere Money”.
Keyboard player Timothy Pope sat down with HEAVY to talk us through the song and what has been happening over those long years away from their beloved music…Continue Reading

We have another bumper issue for you this week of Australian Artists, news and releases.
We bring you the new song from Audio Reign with a chat from their frontman Jake Fleming, The Amenta stop in for a chat about their first new music in seven…Continue Reading

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I would like to dedicate this weeks mag to one of our writers and possibly one of the best human beings and musicians on this planet, Simon Russell-White. Simon suffered potentially life-threatening injuries during the week which would have taken a lesser man. While he is…Continue Reading