Terrorizer 284 is available in digital only. If you are a Terrorizer subscriber, find out here how to get your hands on a digital copy of Terrorizers 283 & 284. Nostalgia – the heavy metal world is full of it. Keyboard warriors everywhere harping on about “only the old stuff is…Continue Reading

Liverpool metal supergroup Video Nasties have just released their debut single ‘Transvoltum’, and you can see it here first, exclusively with Terrorizer… Featuring members of Iron Witch, Magpyes, SSS and The Bendal Interlude, Video Nasties are certainly more than the sum of their parts, marrying Stockholm style melodic death metal to…Continue Reading

Terrorizer 287 is available instantly as a Terrorizer digital download or as an old-school printed Terrorizer magazine. Welcome to this new issue of Terrorizer. I hope you will enjoy this magazine, which we have worked hard to produce for your enjoyment. You will have noticed we have been away for a…Continue Reading