Perth metal sensations Tempest Rising return with a monstrous new single, Kingdom. Swerving between delicate dynamics and the extreme heat of their heaviness, Kingdom unleashes an intensity that aims a punch right at the jugular. Masterfully layered in its sharpness and precision, the song delivers moments of depth and cleverness that warrants repeat listens. Vocalist […] …Continue Reading

This week’s Digimag cover brings good news with the return of Osaka Punch as bass player Reggie joins us for a chat about their new drummer and plans for the future.
Bounty Hunters drop in for an update, while Tempest Rising run us through their crushing new single…Continue Reading

Perth metal powerhouse Tempest Rising have unleashed the ferociously brutal new song “Awakening”, further solidifying their growing stature promised on previous single “Downfall”.
“Awakening” is a sophisticated and complex song that has all the subtlety of a sledgehammer intertwined with a mass of hooks and swirling harsh and clean vocals that accentuate…Continue Reading

This week we have rock royalty gracing the cover of the Digimag with none other than Alice Cooper! We had a great chat with him about his new album Detroit Stories and loads of other things so make sure you have a listen to that.
We also chat…Continue Reading

Perth’s Metal Powerhouse Tempest Rising release their relentless new single “Awakening”.
The song introduces itself with a merciless punch and sets the scene for the visceral soundscape to follow. Featuring heavy dropped tuned and rhythmically sophisticated guitar work, complemented by methodically curated lead lines, this audible manifesto is underpinned by superbly tight…Continue Reading