We are always down for an Iron Maiden cover – but an Iron Maiden cover performed by Godzilla and The Conjuring actress Vera Farmiga, and Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian? This we really need to see! […]
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In the past couple of years, Fuming Mouth have become a respected mainstay in the extreme metal underground. The band’s 2019 full-length debut The Grand Descent was a ferocious, powerful mixture of metal and hardcore […]
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If you’re reading The Pit, you’re probably a grown-up with grown-up cares (and if you’re under 18, just don’t let your legal guardian see that you’re reading lists of songs about asses). That said, if […]
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When will Rob Zombie be busy enough? The shock rocker is hard at work on his cinematic reboot of The Munsters, teasing fans with everything from costume designs to wigs to photos of set construction. But […]
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In 2018, twisted psychedelic filmmaker Panos Cosmatos released his cinematic tribute to old-school heavy metal in the form of Mandy. The movie tells the story of Red (Nicolas Cage), an everyday lumberjack in the early-to-mid ’80s who’s […]
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In recent years, rock-oriented toy line KnuckleBonz hit big with their Rock Iconz line, featuring collectible figurines of acts like Ghost and Metallica. Now, the company has decided to wander into the shadows, as they’ve […]
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These days, it seems like every band has a branded beer, but no metal crew has gone as hard in the brew game as NWOBHM globetrotters Iron Maiden. The British band’s Trooper Ale was the […]
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While current frontman Blöthar the Berserker is definitely good at his job, interstellar metal conquerors GWAR will always be remembered for the work of late frontman Oderus Urungus. Now, the band have immortalized their well-endowed […]
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Once upon a time, it was believed that only hippies and reggae fans smoked weed due to their love of bright colors and pacifism. But over time, it’s become increasingly apparent not only that metal […]
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The beauty of the Internet is that you can find pretty much anything you’ve ever desired for purchase. And while this might be just fine for the average person, it’s especially helpful for metalheads, whose […]
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