Perturbator mastermind, James Kent, unscrolls new album Lustful Sacraments by revealing his Top 5 U.S. music venue experiences.
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Part of why the synthwave movement is so attractive to metalheads is that it automatically smacks of the ’80s, and specifically of ’80s horror movies. Sure, you can make synthwave that’s more laser malls than […]
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When you think of entities that need a fresh rebranding, does the United States Central Intelligence Agency come to mind? Nevertheless, the CIA revealed a new logo and website relaunch, taking a very modern, vector-based approach. Yes, this is really real and not some weird hack. Savvy social media viewersContinue Reading

As the musical movement he pretty much created has blown up, legendary horror director John Carpenter has made an incredible return as a synth artiast. The man behind Halloween, The Thing, and Escape From New York creeped […]
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Music trends are cyclical. The wheels spins like this: a genre or sound starts off, and it’s novel, interesting, and experimental. After underground fans catch on, it eventually spreads to mainstream listeners who love the […]
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