Here we have a premiere for the Montreal-based Melodeath band Synastry. They’ve been quite busy, just releasing an EP “Civilization’s Coma” at the end of last year. Now, they’re back with an all new single “Dividing The Double Helix”. The track can be enjoyed just below and here’s what the band’s…Continue Reading

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I would like to dedicate this weeks mag to one of our writers and possibly one of the best human beings and musicians on this planet, Simon Russell-White. Simon suffered potentially life-threatening injuries during the week which would have taken a lesser man. While he is…Continue Reading

After being silent for nearly a decade, Montreal’s Synastry unleashed their new EP Civilization’s Coma this past November.
The band made a name for themselves on the Quebec and Ontario tour circuits in the early 2000s along with their releases Pallets Of My New World (2006) (EP) and Blind Eyes Bleed (2008)…Continue Reading