Spirit Adrift vocalist and guitarist Nate Garrett may have had something to do with why Limp Bizkit broke up in 2003. Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading. In an interview with Speak N’ Destroy, Garrett recalls the first time he ever saw Metallica during their 2003 Summer Sanatarium tour where oneContinue Reading

Taken from Slay At Home February, powered by Season of Mist in support of Black Arts Future Fund. Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading. Deep Purple “Into The Fire” Covered by: Nate Garrett (Spirit Adrift) Zachary Ilya Ezrin (Imperial Triumphant) Nick Shinz (Job For A Cowboy) Pepe Clarke (Kyng) Watch theContinue Reading

Type O Negative “Everyone I Love Is Dead” Covered by:Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost)Nate Garret (Spirit Adrift)Joseph D Rowland (Pallbearer)Mike MacIvor (Candiria)Frank Godla (Metal Injection / Nitesoil) Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading. Watch the full livestream here Want More Metal? Subscribe To Our Daily Newsletter Enter your e-mail below to getContinue Reading

Slay At Home returns with another FREE livestream next week! The packed February edition is powered by Season Of Mist, and features all-new performances and cover collabs in support of The Black Art Future Fund in celebration of Black History Month. The BAFF is a collective of emerging philanthropists promoting theContinue Reading

This is the point of the year where I usually make a joke about the hits and misses, what bands are underrated and which should fuck off into oblivion, of how much I hated CMFT and love everything Khemmis touches. But this year is different. Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading.Continue Reading

To say 2020 has been fun would be a lie so egregious, we’d choke on it before uttering it out loud. This year really showed up to the door with its arms full of plagues […]
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2020 sucked. End of story. Aside from the deaths, hardships and the basic collapse of society and common sense at large; it was a bad year for the music/metal/entertainment biz ya know?! All the amazing tours and concerts lined up [Rage Against The Machine, System of a Down, Megadeth &Continue Reading

There isn’t much to say about this year that hasn’t been said already. I feel thankful to remain healthy, employed, and surrounded by family and friends (in a socially distant manner). I also am thankful for the embarrassment of riches that was music in 2020. It’s always a good problemContinue Reading