Celebrated 15 years as a band and about to continue to tour the world in 2020 it all took another turn as we know. To not totally put everything on hold the only thing Deville could do was to start writing music and for the first time the band was doing it on demand. It became a weird, […] …Continue Reading

“Hellfire 76”, the debut EP by the US southern/stoner rock band HELLFIRE 76 has just been released and this week the band chatted to Dave Griffiths about it. HELLFIRE 76 use the masks of Voodoo, Witchcraft, Occult and Tarot to tell us tales of how Evil has taken possession of our world, ruled by liars, impostors, and careerists. People are therefore inundated with an immense flood of […] …Continue Reading

Southern rockers Scattered Hamlet have released a lyric video for Lowdown. The song is from their new album Stereo Overthrow which is out now. The band comments: “‘Lowdown’ sounds like a high speed car chase on a back country road. Mostly because we recorded it drunk on bourbon in the back of a box truck barreling down […] …Continue Reading

One of the beautiful things about music is you can never judge a bands sound by looking at them. Not to say they are ugly in any way shape, or form, but to look at photos of Greene County hard rock outfit Scattered Hamlet and you would subconsciously place them more in the bluegrass area […] …Continue Reading