Prepare to raise your horns and embrace the thunderous sound of heavy metal, as BREWHOUSE PRODUCTIONS proudly presents the highly anticipated return of the BREWFEST FESTIVAL. Celebrating the powerful fusion of craft beer and headbanging music, this year’s festival promises an unforgettable experience for metalheads and beer enthusiasts alike. Scheduled to take place on August […] …Continue Reading

Sick of seeing in the new year from home with just a handful of like minded people to party with? I know we are. Every year you hear someone rumble “why doesn’t anywhere put on good live music on New Years Eve?” and every year that questions gets left unanswered. Until 2022. This New Years […] …Continue Reading

Loud metal music in itself is reason enough for celebration, but when you combine that sensation with a worthy cause, then it’s a no-brainer. Which is exactly what is happening on Saturday, November 19 when Unite The Fight touches down at Thirsty Chiefs Brewing Company in Brisbane’s North Lakes. Now in its third year, Unite […] …Continue Reading

Following the crushing single Involuntary Lobotomy, South East Queensland metal outfit Slaves Of Dissonance have today released their debut EP Toxoplasmosis. Centering around themes of mental health, government conspiracies, media bias and social media exploitation, Toxoplasmosis is a slab of pure metal intent that showcases the many and varied influences shared by the band members. […] …Continue Reading

As much as music is about personal perfection, it still seems to be at its strongest with tension and disharmony. Not of a human nature, but more from an eclectic point of view, especially when it comes to taste. If everyone in the band liked the same thing the propensity for recycled music and ideas […] …Continue Reading

Brisbane metal act Slaves Of Dissonance are set to release their debut EP Toxoplasmosis on August 12. The first single, Involuntary Lobotomy was recently released, a crushing debut track that details people misleading and exploiting others, based on their faith, for ulterior motives. The track is available on all major streaming platforms and on Bandcamp. Slaves of Dissonance are a 4 piece […] …Continue Reading

VIEW HEAVY AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS DIGIMAG #84 HERE The abundance of talent within the Australian music scene at the moment is sensational. Even someone like my good self who lives and breathes music pretty much 24/7 is being ambushed by a wealth of new and established bands that had somehow managed to slip under my radar. […] …Continue Reading

Slaves of Dissonance are a 4 piece metal band based in Brisbane QLD. Their sound has groovy/technical guitar riffs, high energy beats with shattering blasts and powerful grooves plus ear peircing vocals. All members have stand alone tastes with some ranging from thrash/groove or prog to more extreme tastes like black metal/death metal. The contrast […] …Continue Reading