Move over Trapt, the singer of Skillet, John Cooper, is having a great year of making headlines for saying silly things. He's been vehemently anti-vax and even compared the Grammys to Hitler earlier this year. Now he's coming for Rage Against the Machine calling them "government rock." Why are they government rock? Well, according to […]
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Skillet frontman John Cooper is a man that believes vaccination is a choice "between you and the Lord. That’s up to you. Go for it. Absolutely no judgment from me," and feeling like masking is something that should be left to personal choice with emphasis on individual freedoms.  Queensryche frontman Todd La Torre challenges this […]
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What is with rock guys that get so triggered by Cardi B shaking her ass? John Cooper, frontman of Christian rock back Skillet, who you remember as that one band that had that one song in the early 2000s, is the latest white dude triggered by Cardi’s performance. Advertisement. ScrollContinue Reading