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This week we feature the mighty Sepultura on the cover, with frontman Derrick Green joining us for a chat about the band’s latest album borne out of lockdown, SepulQuarta.
We also chat with Carnifex, Wormwood and Down Again about their new albums, with some interesting stuff there from each of them!
There’s new music from Halestrom, Hollow Front, The Nuremberg Code, Every Time I Die, Kilfeather, Trash Boat, Dream Theatre, Act Of Denial, Sepultura, Paradox, Mereflesh, Future Radio, Shawshank and Our Mirage, plus this week Bacon’s Slices brings you some handy tips for a DIY band when it comes to promotion.
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When you are one of the most recognizable bands in the metal world you could be forgiven for occasionally kicking back and resting on your well deserved laurels, but not so Sepultura.
Fresh from their massively popular album Quadra, Sepultura entered the pandemic period still on a high despite not getting the opportunity to tour their masterpiece, in a position of power that they so richly deserve.
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While we are all still waiting for the world to return to a normal state, Brazilian legends Sepultura refused to sit back and wait for better times. And maybe, these times are finally here: SepulQuarta, the band’s new live album, is out now.
With the help of dozens of international colleagues and friends, the band recorded their live album directly from the safety of their own living room studios – together with renowned guest musicians such as Devin Townsend, Matt Heafy, Danko Jones and many more, who also supplied their parts from home.
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Plus releases from Ænigmatum, Fleshbore, Lorna Shore, Quicksand, Slaughter To Prevail, and Unreqvited.
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The year 1991 was truly transitional for a world of rock and metal – the big, bright hair metal acts that dominated the mid to late 80s were quickly becoming stale and obsolete, as to the tougher, harder thrash scene that was snapping at it's (high) heels. In their stead was a whole new crop […]
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Here are the new records that will be coming out this week! If you’d like to see releases added to the list for future weeks, contact us by clicking here. To see all the most anticipated albums for August 2021 – CLICK HERE. To see music from previous weeks – CLICK HERE. Act Of Denial […] …Continue Reading