2021 saw a huge outpouring of top tier black metal projects from around the globe. Many have been covered here at Metal Injection, but more than a few have slipped past our eyes. One such project is Los Males Del Mundo, a ferocious band hailing from Buenos Ares, Argentina. Their debut full length Descent Towards Death arrived […]
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Black metal as a musical form of expression in Japan goes back second only to Europe. Bands like Sabbat and Bellzlleb emerged in the mid-80s with a sound and look which both borrowed from their Euro counterparts, yet was uniquely Japanese. Conversely, thrash bands like Sacrifice took the darkened aesthetic from Venom and Celtic Frost […]
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We all know the lore of how Judas Priest, Deep Purple and KISS made big waves in Japan and inspired the thriving metal scene we see there today. Like any other country, the impact of Black Sabbath was palpable in Japan as well, with the directly attributed subgenres of stoner, sludge and doom metal eventually […]
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Russia is like a time machine. That is why one of the nation's most popular rock band goes by that name, Машина Времени/Time Machine. Although Soviet citizens missed out on 69 years of fashion and music, you can see past decades play themselves out in perfect harmony in parallel storefronts. Maybe you missed out on […]
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While grindcore is a relatively obscure genre compared to black and death metal, the grindcore bands from East/Southeast Asian region are all quite memorable. Different regions lend to different forms of strife, and though not every band here is politically inclined, many are grinding out social injustices within their content, albeit with a regional twist. […]
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We have all seen those articles highlighting bands in every US state. China is also a country with many metal bands, and many provinces. Such as the US, the type of metal band varies depending on the region they are from. Cultural influences certainly seep into the music. For example, bands from Inner Mongolia have […]
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Synchronized dancing, cute sing-along vocals related to chocolate or girls in elevators. It’s great and all, but there are more female artists in Japan who are not interested in putting on a cute outfit, learning dance moves and being in the next idol group. There are girls doing harsher, darker, more dangerous styles of music […]
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