While Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan will always be the most famous organization to bring the Devil into the homes of the masses, the Satanic Temple has definitely proven to be the most effective in […]
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Lil Nas X caused more controversy using Satanic imagery than any black metal band in decades earlier in the week, and the fall out is now being felt by his collaborators. As part of the roll out of his new song, "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)," which features the Black gay rapper giving Satan […]
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Death metal underground legend Vincent Crowley who was and is well-known for his works with Acheron, Infidel Reich and many more is going to unleash new music with his self-titled project onto the world. Beyond Archeron is the first album to be spawned under the banner of Vincent Crowley. After decades of working and preaching unholy deeds with his main outlet Acheron, the black/death musician decided to put this band to rest and to evoke another manifestation of death. No […]
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The rapper’s limited release Satanic sneakers and new music video are causing an uproar that used to be reserved for metal acts.
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The Devil: an undying force of malevolence who desperately wants you to trick-or-treat and jack off, or a marketing ploy created to fill donation baskets and promote New Jersey’s only real sports team? For ages, […]
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