Somewhere, someone writing or YouTubing (or however kid's today get their point across) a review of Cannibal Corpse’s 15th album is kicking it off with some variation of, ‘what more can be said about these death metal legends?’ What isn’t said enough about Cannibal is how after 33-some-odd years in the game, they keep adding […]
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Fans have long argued about which Zao era truly takes the cake, but many more should acknowledge the band’s late-career resurgence. Classics like Sprinter Shards and Blood and Fire hold up to this day, but a deaf person could hear the next-level songwriting and pertinent lyrics of Zao’s 2016 album The Well-Intentioned Virus. Following up […]
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The saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas. This adage rings especially true in the riff department, exemplified most recently by Steel Bearing Hand. Slay In Hell reigns atop the jewel throne of 2021 albums thus far. These Texas death thrashers have forged an instant classic, composed six distinctly different but memorable battle hymns. To […]
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The term "progressive metalcore" is quite peculiar and borderline oxymoronic. Metalcore alludes to one of the most accessible metal subgenres. On the other hand, progressive infers an expansive, experimental approach to songwriting. On paper, these two styles meeting together would be like water and oil. Yet, the explosion of the subgenre in the 2000s begs […]
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Genghis Tron’s third album Dream Weapon comes after 11 years of uncertainty. 2008’s Board Up The House was a classic of its era, a loud, abrasive joyride exploding with wild energy. But Dream Weapon is nothing like that. There's no screaming, no blast beats, none of the ‘Nintendocore’ that previously defined Genghis Tron. This is […]
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As if the grey in my beard and pubes and the number of times per night my parasympathetic nervous system rouses me in order to unload into the commode isn’t indicative of advanced chronology, I can fondly—and not-so-fondly—recall how, 20 years ago, a subset of extreme music was inundated withContinue Reading