The new metal-centered graphic novel series Gods of Brutality answers the question, “What if Clive Barker wrote a story inspired by Manowar?”
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Words by Jimmy Glinster First impressions last, and when I was sent the link to this guitar that I was about to get the chance to review, my level of excitement was unimaginable. What an absolutely fine-looking instrument, and what an impressive list of top end specifications to boot. Now, I’ve always been a fan […] …Continue Reading

Background: Long Island NY’s Extinction A.D are a hidden gem in the thrash genre, the four-piece is made up of drummer Mike Sciulara formerly of Light The Torch and This Is Hell, Rick Jimenez on vocals and guitar (also of This Is Hell), Ian Cimaglia on guitar and Tom Wood on bass. The band’s new […] …Continue Reading

While I prefer watching bands mature over time, seeing them perform raw by fully utilising their creative freedom during their initial stages is just magical! This is not just me, but I am sure all melomaniacs out there find this particular phase of a band’s career fascinating, as well! At the same time, analysing both […] …Continue Reading

There’s beauty even in chaos if we closely observe the meaningful pattern behind it – this would be my best shot at explaining Jeff Novotny’s music in one sentence. Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, Jeff Novotny would be a familiar figure to you if you are an ardent follower of Progressive or Jazz Music. Having […] …Continue Reading

It is surprising to see how the landscape of Rock and Metal has changed over the past few years. A little while back, Doom Metal was considered, perhaps assumed, to appeal to a very small part of the Music community. With more bands emerging out of the scene exercising this particular style, there’s a lot […] …Continue Reading

Born of Osiris is a band that has been synonymous with the (Metal) musical journey of listeners such as me who cut their teeth onto the genre with the slew of new artists making waves at the time- BOO’s fellow city-Metallers Veil of Maya, Periphery, TesseracT, Animals as Leaders, After the Burial, etc. In this […] …Continue Reading

Fusing Metal and Rock is not something new in the industry. As a matter of fact, many deem this blend to be formulaic and distasteful – branding them as “Modern Metal”. But, in my opinion, some bands master this mix, and while doing so, they try not to be stereotypical – yet, putting out something […] …Continue Reading

By Lewd Scoff
Oh, it’s so exciting.  I’m fanboitastic at the Brightside on a Sunday night.
I’m so keen for tonight that I’ve invited international upstart to the stars, Lewd Scoff, to fart his 5c worth.
Stereo is pumping everything it should for an event such as this. Pantera, Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots et al.
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