There’s beauty even in chaos if we closely observe the meaningful pattern behind it – this would be my best shot at explaining Jeff Novotny’s music in one sentence. Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, Jeff Novotny would be a familiar figure to you if you are an ardent follower of Progressive or Jazz Music. Having […] …Continue Reading

It is surprising to see how the landscape of Rock and Metal has changed over the past few years. A little while back, Doom Metal was considered, perhaps assumed, to appeal to a very small part of the Music community. With more bands emerging out of the scene exercising this particular style, there’s a lot […] …Continue Reading

Born of Osiris is a band that has been synonymous with the (Metal) musical journey of listeners such as me who cut their teeth onto the genre with the slew of new artists making waves at the time- BOO’s fellow city-Metallers Veil of Maya, Periphery, TesseracT, Animals as Leaders, After the Burial, etc. In this […] …Continue Reading

Fusing Metal and Rock is not something new in the industry. As a matter of fact, many deem this blend to be formulaic and distasteful – branding them as “Modern Metal”. But, in my opinion, some bands master this mix, and while doing so, they try not to be stereotypical – yet, putting out something […] …Continue Reading

By Lewd Scoff
Oh, it’s so exciting.  I’m fanboitastic at the Brightside on a Sunday night.
I’m so keen for tonight that I’ve invited international upstart to the stars, Lewd Scoff, to fart his 5c worth.
Stereo is pumping everything it should for an event such as this. Pantera, Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots et al.
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If the recent solo performance by Grinspoon’s Phil Jamieson taught me one thing it’s that I am a selfish prick when it comes to the music I like.
In a strange way, you get protective over music that formed part of your adolescent soundtrack and, even subconsciously, you tend to claim ownership of it in some respects.
Rightly or wrongly.
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Pix: Adam Brindley PhotographyChaos & Isaac Ro
Words couldn’t do justice to how great Southside of Hell was last weekend so we tracked down our photography team to ram it home!
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Lagerstein are a band with a massive reputation – especially in the live arena.
Since before I moved South from Cairns in 2016 people had been singing their praises and telling me that theirs was one live show I HAD to see.
Unfortunately, life and travel and kids have combined to impede this mission so it was with relief, a touch of trepidation and a sense of ‘I hope the hype hasn’t built them up to be more than they are’ that I gratefully accepted the chance to review the DVD of Lagerstein’s November 2019 performance at the Triffid in Brisbane.
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Words by Luke Scott
Pictures by Nathan Cooper
This was my first time at Brightside in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.
Having “Boys” by Sabrina on the stereo as I walked into the club did throw me off a little, however, the ever-growing crowd of Brisbane’s heavy metal fraternity put me at ease, and I’m guessing the C.D knew that, as “Hanging Tough” by NKOTB rounded out the preshow music with some sweet juxtaposition.
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Despite all of the uncertainty and turmoil of the last 18 months, it is refreshing to see some things never change, as perfectly exemplified when King Parrot spewed forth from our television screen last weekend, performing in a rehearsal room no bigger than your grandmother’s drawers and possibly twice as hot and stinky!
Youngy is still an unmovable presence out the front, Slatts is still cracking jokes faster than Jim Jefferies can write them, Squiz is getting closer to pulling off the perfect guitar playing splits, Toddy is still in dire need of a hairbrush and Ari still endorses VB where demand still far exceeds supply.
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