Words by Luke Scott
Pictures by Nathan Cooper
This was my first time at Brightside in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.
Having “Boys” by Sabrina on the stereo as I walked into the club did throw me off a little, however, the ever-growing crowd of Brisbane’s heavy metal fraternity put me at ease, and I’m guessing the C.D knew that, as “Hanging Tough” by NKOTB rounded out the preshow music with some sweet juxtaposition.
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Despite all of the uncertainty and turmoil of the last 18 months, it is refreshing to see some things never change, as perfectly exemplified when King Parrot spewed forth from our television screen last weekend, performing in a rehearsal room no bigger than your grandmother’s drawers and possibly twice as hot and stinky!
Youngy is still an unmovable presence out the front, Slatts is still cracking jokes faster than Jim Jefferies can write them, Squiz is getting closer to pulling off the perfect guitar playing splits, Toddy is still in dire need of a hairbrush and Ari still endorses VB where demand still far exceeds supply.
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Review by Brennan Richardson
Local symphonic dark jazz ensemble Valtozash were the first band of the night and didn’t they start things off with a bang!
In what can be described as both a sound engineer’s dream AND nightmare, the sixteen-piece ensemble (that’s right I said 16 piece!) absolutely blew the crowd off their feet, providing all sorts of pandemonium.
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Australia’s heavy metal talent is undeniable in the present age, a fact accentuated by the recent release of Cathedral Of Bones from Sydney thrash outfit Flaming Wreckage.
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The wrap up is in from Si-Fest 2021 which was recently held at the Mansfield Tavern.
The event, of course, was a benefit for local metal identity Simon Russell-White and didn’t it prove what a lovable and affable young gent he is!
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Suffering Hour‘s latest is steeped in a fog of mystery, permeating from its lofty lyrical theorems and barbaric speeds. The Cyclic Reckoning is a pendulum that swings between the abrasive and the ethereal. The sturdy chain link that supports this metaphorical blade, as it cleaves through the listener’s mind withContinue Reading

The Other Festival has been and gone for 2021 but shall remain etched in the memories of not just those who were there, but for the Australian music loving public at large for a long time to come.
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