“Nu Metal is no more alive than it is in Australia” Kentucky rap/metal/hardcore outfit Guerrilla Warfare struck that delicate balance between genres with their 2019 EP C O N S U M E D and looked set to finally cross that invisible divide between the up and comers and the established bands. Their touring schedule […] …Continue Reading

Enveloped in mystery and shrouded in mystique, Brisbane’s Xen0christ is a musical enigma.
By embracing the darkest corners of his musical psyche Xen0christ has quickly established himself in the Australian underground rap/trap scene with his blending of rap and metal showcasing a taste for the obscure and macabre that many artists scratch the surface of but few manage to embrace.
He is self-produced, highly motivated and has a thirst for the extreme, accentuated in his new single “LOST MY MIND” which can be viewed below:

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