333 Wreckords Crew’s first ever signing – Louisville, Kentucky rap metal / hardcore outfit Guerrilla Warfare – have announced a new EP C O N T R O L, which will be out April 22. Pulling no punches, Guerrilla Warfare are already making a name for themselves with their assertive yet considered approach to heavy […] …Continue Reading

Melbourne quintet Dregg are a band on the rise.
With a powerful musical message unlike anything else heard from Australian shores, Dregg pack a punch akin to a sledgehammer strike, mixing a don’t-give-a-fuck attitude with current lyrics and upbeat disposition to create a genre ultimately their own despite drawing on influences from…Continue Reading

Melbourne based anomalistic collective Dregg have shared their new track “Evolve”.
Drenched in heavy guitars and raging drums the band bang out their frustrations with a sound that hungrily consumes metal, hardcore and rap.
Watch “Evolve” below:
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LA-Based quintet Fused By Defiance have unleashed the official music video for their single “Cancel Culture.”
A band statement reads: “Cancel culture is a powerful weapon that when used appropriately, has the power to take down disgusting human-beings in less than 140 characters; something most court systems can’t manage to do in…Continue Reading

It is rare that a new band will come across the HEAVY desk that almost takes your breath away from the first listen.
That is made even rarer when you throw in the fact that the song is the first-ever release from an up and coming band.
That moment arrived last week when…Continue Reading

After premiering via BBC R1 this week, UK grime-metal quintet Hacktivist have released a video for new single “Armoured Core”.
The band teamed up with rising artist Kid Bookie on the track, following his recent collaboration with Corey Taylor, as “Armoured Core” marks the beginning of an exhilarating chapter for the five-piece.
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It was early in the year 2000 when the buzz started to go around the music scene about this brand new band called Linkin Park. People were starting to talk about this band out of California, people knew there was something great coming but couldn’t quite put their finger onContinue Reading