Denis Pauna, the man who re-imagined Metallica as if Type O Negative wrote their music, is back with a much more German angle. Specifically Rammstein, and what it would sound like if they had written Metallica‘s 1991 hit “Enter Sandman”. Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading. As always, Pauna does aContinue Reading

The Faction, Australia’s premier 24/7 heavy music streaming radio station and heavy music community are today announcing that voting is open in The Faction’s Hardest 100 Countdown of 2020!
This year the event is brought to heavy music fans by The Faction, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, TEG/MJR Presents, Rise Records, Grog Lords and…Continue Reading

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It’s crazy to think 2001 was twenty years ago, but it was! As we do every year, let’s take a moment to look back at what was happening in the metal scene 20 years ago. Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading. Amon Amarth – The Crusher Angra – Rebirth Arch EnemyContinue Reading