VIEW HEAVY DIGIMAG #280 HERE Firstly, apologies for this coming out late today, but we had that much goodness to share with you that it couldn’t be helped! Aussie rock outfit Chasing Lana are our featured cover artist this week, with frontman Dave Cutting talking about their new single Breaking Free. We also spent time […] …Continue Reading

“Fireflies” is R3VO’s debut EP and conclusion of their first song-writing phase dated 2019 (founding year) to 2021. The 5-songs EP consists of “Artificial Pleasure”, a very well-received (featured on Metal Hammer, Kaaoszine, Heavy Magazine) electro-prog metal opener, “Fireflies” a prog rock snowflake with an explosive electronic outro, “Dorian Gray” a 2 min slam-rock gem, “Darling” a […] …Continue Reading

The German alt-rock/prog metal band R3VO have just released the new single “Artificial Pleasure” on June 8. Since their 2021 single “Paranoia,” R3VO has adopted a grittier yet more refined sound with “Artificial Pleasure.” The new song avails itself of heavy sections, psychedelia-influenced choruses, and an intimate outro. The band notes:“Artificial Pleasure is an introspective journey on the topic of undergoing addiction.”  R3VO is the project […] …Continue Reading