One of the most unique acts to come out of the metal scene in a long time, the avant-garde act Imperial Triumphant have announced a slew of tour dates in October surrounding their performance at the Decibel Metal and Beer fest. Pyrrhon will open all the dates. The tour kicks off  10/15 in Boston and […]
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Any band can sound pretty. A few twinkling keys, some shimmering minor chords here and there, and bam, you’ve got a song that feels like the appropriate soundtrack to a sunrise in an indie teen […]
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Ever plan your weekly metal T-shirt wardrobe for the week the Sunday before school started? What about skipping lunch just so you can run to your locker and jam a few minutes of your fave new cassette purchase through the puffy-foamed headphones of your Walkman? Well, some of your favorite bands…Continue Reading

Wondering what five heavy albums changed Doug Moore of Pyrrhon and Glorious Depravity’s life? Read on.
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Here at the end of all things, it’s a good moment to look back at what has come out in 2020. As I’ve stated every year for this year-end item, we all have our own tastes, so there’s no reason to list things I didn’t love or had mixed feelingsContinue Reading