A few days after the official release of their debut EP Crash And Burn, heavy, fast, punk & rock’N’roll Swiss four-piece Ed Banger and the Kardashits unveil an official music video illustrating the song Day After (from the EP) which is available now. For reminder, the band is still working on a video-game inspired by the story […] …Continue Reading

Eleven Dive Bar in Maroochydore has a double dose of FREE live entertainment this weekend, presented by TTC and DoubleOne Entertainment. Friday, September 24 sees Puka Shell Necklace, Sailing In Space, Flira and Monsters Up North take the stage, while the following night Speedracer deliver their high energy show with December’s Deadline and Kentucky Green […] …Continue Reading

One of the biggest names in modern hardcore, Comeback Kid have released the fast-paced, riff-heavy banger No Easy Way Out. The track, which was recorded in Winnipeg, MB at Private Ear Recording studio, is the first new original music to be heard from the influential hardcore/punk outfit since their 2017 release Outsider. …Continue Reading

Looking for your new favourite band? Or maybe just something a little different? Starting this week, HEAVY will be assembling a YouTube and Spotify playlist featuring all of the new songs that have come across our desk in the last week! Press play and run through them in order, otherwise hit shuffle, but however you […] …Continue Reading

Sydney punk rock outfit, Whatever, Forever, have emerged from the depths of the last year with a reflective new single I Need You More Than You Know, and have evolved and solidified their future as a rebranded three-piece. I Need You More Than You Know says it all in the title. “It goes without saying that […] …Continue Reading

Nick Adams: Stay by Narrow Head Why: NH has a sound that’s both grimy and ethereal. That combined with some really moody lyrics absolutely hits the spot for me and easily can be named as one of my influences. Chas Levi: Flee The Flesh by My Ticket Home Why: There is something special about this […] …Continue Reading

Comprising several ‘lifers’ from the Sydney music scene, punk outfit Only At The Movies are searching for something a little different with their music. With a diverse repertoire and influences harnessing the best of late 1990s and early 2000s punk, melodic hardcore and alternative rock, Only At The Movies promise to be anything but predictable. […] …Continue Reading

Drastic Park have become renowned for their self-deprecating humour, and as a result have built up a devoted fanbase who share in their self-deprecation. They have even gained fans who don’t like Pop Punk, purely because they love the “Drastic Park Trashposting” community that they have created. So it was only fitting that they wrote […] …Continue Reading

With music and the entire landscape around being a musician having to rapidly adapt to changing times – particularly in the current climate – Fender has confronted the problem head on, releasing the Player Plus Series of guitars to cater to the younger generation of guitar enthusiasts who have been locked away searching for the […] …Continue Reading

The Hard-Ons are almost more Australian than Vegemite. Almost. For just shy of 40 years guitarist Blackie and bass player Ray Ahn have punked and rolled themselves into Australian music folklore with their blending of punk tempos, hardcore attitude, heavy metal riffs and surf-pop melodies, coupled with a dry and laconic sense of humour, catapulting […] …Continue Reading