ENTER THE ANIMUS (The Anima Effect, @Berried Alive ) ENTER THE ANIMUS – Unbearable Genre: Progressive Metal / Trap Location: Northern California 🇺🇸 For fans of: Berried Alive, Dropout Kings, Excision  “Enter The Animus (spin off project of The Anima Effect) is back with their 2nd single! This time featuring Berried Alive! This is […] …Continue Reading

Progressive, technical death metal collective Alluvial has released a cataclysmic new single titled, “Thy Underling” from the band’s highly anticipated sophomore album, Sarcoma, that’s due out May 28 from Nuclear Blast.
Guitarist Wes Hauch comments on the single: “The first half of the song is from the perspective of a scornful entity. The idea is that a wraith and aims to confuse and debilitate the host ‘Until he rots and lies stinking in the earth’, a line borrowed from one of my favourite movies.
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Cosmophobe – Neo-Terran Dystopia Album Name: Neo-Terran Dystopia Location: Lafayette, LA 🇺🇸 Genre: Progressive Technical Deathcore For fans of: Rings of Saturn, The Faceless, Beneath the Massacre, Contra 3  00:00 1. Technological Enslavement 04:12 2. Synthetic 08:46 3. Neo-Terran Dystopia 13:14 4. Attack Aggressively 14:14 5. The Flesh Is Weak 18:48 6. Posthuman Evolution […] …Continue Reading

SATIRACY – In Cinere Album: SATIRACY – In Cinere Genre: Technical Death Metal / Progressive Metal Location: Glasgow, Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 For fans of: Obscura, Necrophagist, Gorod, First Fragment  Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4kIR7svJO9GpjVjDxs3vLT?si=v1S7zvabTAO7QVjoxbeh3Q YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJThHMi7A5oB6ARO69AcerA Merch: https://satiracyband.bigcartel.com/category/c-d-s Bandcamp: https://satiracyband.bandcamp.com “In Cinere tells the story of indomitable spirit as the phrase ‘In Cinere’ references the latin for ‘rising […] …Continue Reading

Brisbane’s progressive metal outfit The Stranger have released their entrancing new album Kaleidoscope via Octane Records and Wild Thing Records.
As vibrant and immersive as its name suggests, the band’s sophomore album provides a stunning and satisfying cross-section of progressive metal, djent and funk genres punctuated with ambient passages to deliver a tasteful juxtaposition between darkness and the light.
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Progressive, technical death metal collective Alluvial has released a cataclysmic new single titled, “Thy Underling“.
The song is taken from the band’s sophomore album, “Sarcoma,” which is due out May 28 via Nuclear Blast.
Watch “Thy Underling” below:
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Brisbane progressive metal  outift The Stranger have released their compelling new single “The Gemini” via Octane Records and Wild Thing Records.
“The Gemini”  introduces itself with the band’s new synthwave inspired soundscape which sets the scene for the pure progressive power to follow. This dynamic composition draws the listener in with rhythmically sophisticated guitar work complemented by methodically curated lead lines that are underpinned by superbly tight drum and bass grooves.
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Brisbane progressive metal outfit The Stranger are definitely a band with a big future.
Their live performances are intense and riveting, with their songs and music improving rapidly with each release.
That’s not to say their songs have ever not been good – quite the contrary – but the songs collectively over their upcoming album Kaleidoscope show a range and maturity of a band far beyond their sophomore offering.
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CROSSING THE RUBICON – The Oneiroi (Full Band Playthrough) Genre: Progressive Instrumental Metal Location: Dayton, Ohio For fans of: Owane, Plini, Intervals, Thank You Scientist  Find CROSSING THE RUBICON’s music on all platforms here – https://songwhip.com/crossingtherubicon GET IT on Bandcamp: https://ctrprog.bandcamp.com/ SUBSCRIBE on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl2UVpJIc_hLPB0MU704rYA Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/crossingtherubicon/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_crossingtherubicon_/ ‘The Oneiroi’ is Crossing the […] …Continue Reading

Hailing from Oshawa, Canada, Maitreya will be unleashing their upcoming album “Hyper Reels” this coming June 2021. To date, they have shared two singles “Departed” and “Catalyst”. Continuing in lead up to their new record’s release, the band is sharing their American Gods inspired single “Summit”.  The band comments on the track: “Summit is […] …Continue Reading