Exodus Rising, the vanguards of Progressive Heavy Metal, are set to unleash a sonic revolution with their scorching new single and music video, Blazing Love. This incendiary track, part of their debut album The Book of Life, arrives just in time to set the Heavy Metal scene ablaze for Valentine’s Day. Daring to tread where […] …Continue Reading

If there’s one thing that shits me more than the constant need for music to be labeled and/or categorised, it’s when people feel a weird and unnecessary compulsion to try and classify music even further by bringing religion into it. I can almost hear you screaming ‘that’s what you just did’ back at me, but […] …Continue Reading

Andorran metal outfit Persefone are a band unto themselves. With a sound that can be loosely described as progressive rock meets melodic death metal, Persefone have forged their name crafted in their sonic diversity. 2024, and in particular the band’s new EP Lingua Ignota – set for release on February 2 – ushers in a […] …Continue Reading

The last few years have been tough on the world at large, with people of all walks of life forced to find their own coping mechanisms to safely navigate increasingly treacherous waters. Musicians, long thought to be able to handle anything the world threw at them and turn it into cathartic verse, were amongst the […] …Continue Reading

Collaborative metal outfit Van Hoose have unleashed their new track Dancing With Demons and despite the fact I don’t dance full stop, for some reason I am overly keen to check this one out. A soft and touching intro momentarily has me second-guessing my motives, but it doesn’t take long for things to spice up […] …Continue Reading

The expectations placed on new and emerging bands in the modern era surpass any of those from eras gone by. Not only is there the sheer abundance of new music being released on a daily basis, but there is also the proportionately high number of new bands forming at a rate never seen before. “In […] …Continue Reading

Caligula’s Horse have announced their new album Charcoal Grace will be released on Friday, January 26, 2024. Charcoal Grace is the 6th studio album of the band, and it combines raw rock power with immense emotional depth. It is borne of the static hopelessness that the pandemic forced upon the band and, indeed, much of […] …Continue Reading

Independent Out Now It’s not often I sit down to review an album from a band I know absolutely nothing about, but a quick glance through the press release for Taliesin’s new album Disciple tells me pretty much I needed to know. Their previous release Faceless was voted Best Australian Metal Album of 2022 on […] …Continue Reading

Hailing from Newcastle NSW, five-piece progressive metal outfit Russian Novel have released their dynamic and crushing new track Upon the Shores of Naxos. Upon The Shores of Naxos is being described as the band’s most ambitious track to date featuring dynamic vocals and crushing riffs that showcase the band’s musicianship and takes the listeners through […] …Continue Reading

When a band sends you their press release which contains the line “Dimensionist explores the space that exists at the edge of heavy music” you know you are about to embark on a sonic journey that takes you away from the expected. As it is with new Brisbane progressive metal outfit Dimensionist, who released their […] …Continue Reading