Fall of Stasis hails from Montreal, Canada and they are releasing their first full-length on February 25 entitled The Chronophagist. The ten pounding tracks contained within showcase the wide range of influences behind the six musicians, culminating in brutal symphonic music that coasts between the black metal and prog realms and is as unpredictable as […] …Continue Reading

Halo, the upcoming, highly-anticipated opus of Finnish melancholic progressive metallers Amorphis, will hit the shelves on February 11, 2022 via Atomic Fire. With its release being only about five weeks away, the group have shared the second instalment of their accompanying studio documentary via YouTube today. Watch the trailer to follow Santeri Kallio‘s tracking journey that even made him stop at the Church […] …Continue Reading

With the recent release of their album Darkness Visible, Brisbane progressive metal outfit Sunset Junkies joined HEAVY for a Q&A session to bring us up to speed on developments. HEAVY – Sunset Junkies recently released the album Darkness Visible. How has the early response been? Sunset Junkies – I’ve been very humbled by an incredible response, […] …Continue Reading

Perth’s premier prog/pop outfit, Voyager, are today announcing that they are going to be a part of Eurovision – Australia Decides. They will be up for selection to be 2022’s Australian contingent to take on the best of the best in Eurovision 2022. After years of petitions for the band to be selected to represent Australia […] …Continue Reading

Brisbane’s Prog-Metal Sensations Sunset Junkies release their sophomore album Darkness Visible. Balancing a congenial blend of heaviness and groove, Darkness Visible relies heavily on atmosphere as a means of creating momentum through each track, utilizing dense tapestries to create surreal and expansive soundscapes. Catchy melodies juxtapose the pure progressive power of hard hitting synths layered beneath aggressive […] …Continue Reading

No-one likes to be the bearer of bad news, so today comes bearing good news – that Reliqa‘s single The Bearer of Bad News is out now. It can be purchased/streamed now at https://ingrv.es/TheBearerofBadNews. Not only that, but Reliqa is adding yet ANOTHER arrow to their live music quiver in 2022 – they are playing […] …Continue Reading

Alternative progressive rock band Trope have released their latest music video for Planes, a single off their highly praised debut album Eleutheromania. Showcasing a more delicate and eerie offering from the band, Planes features beautiful looping clean guitar riffs while a melodic bass line dances over the seemingly basic yet complex drum groove. Soft to frustrated vocals round out […] …Continue Reading

There is a reasonable case to be made that Gojira may be the most transformative, influential and important band in heavy music over the course of the past twenty-five years. Much like ground breaking heavy bands before them such as Slayer and Metallica, Gojira have steadily pushed the envelope of not only their own music […] …Continue Reading

Brisbane is currently home to an exceedingly large number of bands that have that elusive quality required for success. COVID has not stopped them – or even slowed them down for that matter – but, if anything, has provided somewhat of a catalyst for the continued growth and nurturing of possibly the fastest and strongest […] …Continue Reading

While I prefer watching bands mature over time, seeing them perform raw by fully utilising their creative freedom during their initial stages is just magical! This is not just me, but I am sure all melomaniacs out there find this particular phase of a band’s career fascinating, as well! At the same time, analysing both […] …Continue Reading