The inaugural Hometown Throwdown is almost upon us, with the music extravaganza set to go down this Saturday, April 29 at Singing Bird Studios in Frankston, Victoria. Showcasing fourteen of the region’s best and brightest acts, including ATLVS, The Weight Of Silence, Priorities, Armoured Earth, Verona Lights, Kuntsquad, NTH Road, Suspyria, And Burn, Distortion, Deadweight […] …Continue Reading

E11 LIVE LOUD HEAVY, together with HEAVY MAGAZINE and PRIORITES have confirmed the first HOMETOWN THROWDOWN annual music extravaganza to be run on April 29, 2023. An ALL AGES event, with doors open from 2pm, HOMETOWN THROWDOWN will feature 14 of the most active bands in the network encompassing genres such as metalcore, trap metal, […] …Continue Reading

Out Now Words by Jimmy Glinster Priorities, never heard of ‘em? Neither have I, so don’t feel bad about it, you’re not the only one. Luckily for them though, the lovely Misha at Overdrive sent me over their tunes for review and I figured if they have her approval, they may just be lucky enough […] …Continue Reading

Melbourne metalcore newcomers Priorities just unveiled their crushing new single No Gods, No Kings. Merging elements of deathcore and metalcore with swaithes of hardcore into a kaleidoscope of brutality, No Gods, No Kings treats the listeners to superbly tight instrumentation, gut-punching riffs, catastrophic breakdowns and meliflous leads. Vocalist Mitch Sigge delivers powerful melodies from the […] …Continue Reading

Melbourne metalcore rising stars Priorities release their crushing 2-track complialtion Medusa and If I Believed. Driven by harrowing breakdowns and unrelenting grooves, both tracks introduce the groups signature raw intensity in a well produced package. Medusa and If I Believe will treat listeners to a dynamic one-two punch of terse riffs, haunting melodies, a relentless rhythm section and hook laden choruses. Erupting […] …Continue Reading

VIEW HEAVY AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS DIGIMAG #87 HERE If you needed any proof that Aussie metal was alive and thriving just have a crack at the number of bands putting their names forward and demanding to be interviewed this week. Newcomers Sohnelm made the cover this week, partly on the back of our resident reviewer Jimmy […] …Continue Reading