Sydney post hardcore outfit HEISTS epitomize the working spirit of the typical Australian. With a firm DIY ethos the band hit the ground running and full of momentum with their first two singles Outrage and Revenant, laying the platform for debut EP Disquiet and announcing the band as something special on the local market. Wasting […] …Continue Reading

Since forming in 2017, Sydney post hardcore outfit HEISTS independently released their first two singles Outrage and Revenant, the latter of which saw them featured as the cover artist for Spotify Playlist Homegrown and Heavy. These two singles would also feature on their debut EP Disquiet in 2018. Since then, the band has released singles such as Defeated, Memorial […] …Continue Reading

US post-hardcore rising stars LIMBS have released their crushing new single and video Spirit Breaker. Undoubtedly one of their most personally raw and lyrically compelling pieces of work to date, Spirit Breaker finds vocalist Austin McAuley grappling with compounding experiences of loss in his life, the track climaxing with the gut-wrenching lyric “…it’s just the cycle of loss stuck on repeat […] …Continue Reading

“It was an emotion that was very present for me.” Sydney post hardcore outfit Bloom are blossoming at the moment, largely on the back of their awesome new single Sink Into The Soil. Following the release of the EP In Passing in 2020, Bloom were forced into musical purgatory by the world’s events, but have […] …Continue Reading

“We’re here to make good music. Everyone in the band is music focussed” Melbourne post-hardcore outfit Alera are riding high on the back of their recent debut EP Beware The Snake. More than five years in the planning, Beware The Snake is more than your traditional debut EP. Over many months that led in to […] …Continue Reading

Adelaide post-hardcore group EMECIA have just dropped a single that no radio presenter wants to try and announce on air – Jouska. When HEAVY Magazine’s Dave Griffiths caught up with the band’s vocalist Scott Middin he laughed at how people have tried to pronounce the title. “I think most people struggle with our band name […] …Continue Reading

Adelaide post-hardcore outfit Emecia are presenting their new single Jouska. It’s most definitely an odd title for a song, and potentially a word most will not have encountered before – though the meaning of the word is one just about everyone in existence has experienced or does daily! A Jouska is: “…a hypothetical conversation that you play […] …Continue Reading

Progressive heavies Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster offer a treacherous post-rock expedition with The World Inside.
The post Album Premiere: Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster – ‘The World Inside’ appeared first on Decibel Magazine. …Continue Reading