Newcastle quintet PSTCRDS have returned with a powerful new two-tracker called System Overload. Recently HEAVY Magazine’s Dave Griffiths sat down with the band to not only talk about the two track in depth but also about the brand new Pstcrds sound that is so obvious here. You can take a listen to the full interview […] …Continue Reading

As Australia begins to open back up Perth’s Nautical Mile are eager to get things rolling again. While the country has been lockdown they have signed a deal with a US record label and have released an EP that many are saying is there best yet. Now as the band prepares to do some local […] …Continue Reading

Sydney-based pop-punk quintet Afterthought have today returned with their vibrant new single Homebound, which was produced by Rich Mammoliti (Breakaway, Our Past Days). Homebound begins with a crescendo before launching into a colourful burst of bouncing drums and vibrant instrumentation. Graceful vocals accentuate the verses as the song progresses into the infectious chorus, brimming with soaring melodies and virulent energy. Delving […] …Continue Reading

Manic Kat Records
10 September 2021

What a better way to end a long weekend then by reviewing a pop punk EP. Hang on, bear with me while I throw up in my mouth a just little …
Alright, now that’s sorted, I’ll try to review this thing with the least amount of bias as possible.
The Embers EP by Nautical Mile kicks off with a track titled Dying Light, which like every good pop punk song kicks off with slightly flat sing along intro.
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Sydney-based pop-punk quintet SoSo have recently revealed their assertive new single “Yeah Nah” – produced by Stevie Knight (Trophy Eyes, Stand Atlantic, Yours Truly) and mixed by James Paul Wisner (Hands Like Houses, Underoath).
“Yeah Nah” finds SoSo at their most forthright, diving headfirst into social commentary surrounding Sydney’s lockout laws and…Continue Reading

Recently crowned as one of ten rising Australian pop-punk bands, Brisbane outfit All Hours have dropped their latest single “Downward”.
The single will be released on March 5, with pre-orders for new EP Perspectives starting on the same day.
Watch “Downward” below:
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With A Day To Remember set to drop their latest album You’re Welcome on March 5 the music world is once again abuzz at the bold, fresh stance taken by the band.
They continually push the envelope with each release and have a blatant disregard for convention or expectation, which is perhaps…Continue Reading

Clay J Gladstone formed last year, comprising current and former members of Sydney outfits Resist The Thought, Caulfield and Buried In Verona.
After the success of their first single “Melancholy Lunacy”, the band spent the latter half of last year holed up plotting their follow up which arrives today with “Sorry”.
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Pennsylvania pop-punk band No Take Backs released their new single and video “Grey” featuring Flowers For You.
The people in your life, whether long term or temporary, often make an impact on you. This track was written about the nostalgia that hits when looking back on those old memories.
Watch “Grey” below:
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