One of the most enduring qualities of music – or punk music more specifically – is that as a listener or musician you don’t feel the obligation to grow up. Ever. It’s actually expected of you that your morals and beliefs will differ from the rest of society, and your outlook on life and sense […] …Continue Reading

Sydney’s chameleons of rock, RedHook have been pretty quiet since the release of their debut album Postcards From A Living Hell in April last year. And who could blame them? 2023 was the year RedHook broke through from a band on the fringes of success to a bona fide international standard touring band, following high-profile […] …Continue Reading

Despite their relative youth, New Zealand alternate rock outfit Voodoo Bloo are no amateurs when it comes to music. Don’t let their baby faces or innocent looks fool you. When it comes to making the tough decisions that could ultimately make or break your career, these lads will invariably make the right one. Be it […] …Continue Reading

English punk/folk singer/songwriter Frank Turner is a man at peace with himself and his music. Not that he has had a sudden epiphany that washed over the daily trials and tribulations of everyday life, but more a peace borne out of contentment. Following his first UK#1 album FTHC in 2022, Turner made the bold decision […] …Continue Reading

Sometimes I feel Japanese bands don’t get the recognition they deserve. Sure, you could mount that same argument the world over, but after having toured Japan on close to ten occasions with different bands and seeing around 100 of the country’s emerging artists on the same line-ups I feel I am qualified to highlight Japanese […] …Continue Reading

[video src="" poster=""]Music is a dish best served fermented. Too many bands these days – possibly because of the ease of recording in the modern era – throw music around with too much regularity, losing in substance what they gain in output. But it’s the smarter bands who sit back and master their craft before releasing music, […] …Continue Reading

After sixteen albums and rising, you would think Bruce Soord from The Pineapple Thief would know pretty well what he is doing with himself and the band musically. Essentially a rock outfit, The Pineapple Thief have released a consistently steady stream of albums, amassing a staunch, loyal and growing fan base with each one. “I’ve […] …Continue Reading

Melbourne rock outfit Sordid Ordeal are the epitomical Aussie music act, if there ever was such a thing. Fronted by Laurence Hewson – who some might know by his stage name The Voice Of Flinders – Sordid Ordeal have been through the proverbial ringer and back but survived to tell the tale and then some! […] …Continue Reading

In the modern age of music, it is important – almost vital – to maintain a steady output of music and engagement with your fans. People’s increasingly shorter attention spans, coupled with the sheer volume of new bands and music being released daily, combine to ensure bands that aren’t active, don’t survive. Pure and simple. […] …Continue Reading

Moldovian metal hybrid Infected Rain are currently riding the wave of global acceptance that has been 16 years in the making. Since debuting in 2008, Infected Rain have often been undervalued in an industry that too often rewards mediocrity, finding themselves caught in musical purgatory on many levels simply because they are a band almost […] …Continue Reading