It took the MIGHTY Cannibal Corpse a mere two and a bit years to construct their latest murderous rampage disguised as pure death metal magnificence. Album number fifteen for these metal icons is as Corpse as Corpse get: Of course it’s called Violence Unimagined!
In over thirty years they have never strayed from their path of annihilation and devotion to audio sensory armageddon.
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The TOOL frontman and CANNIBAL CORPSE drummer dish about fermented grape juice in the latest issue of Blood of Gods, a print-only zine dedicated to wine and heavy metal.
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The drummer manages to express his ambivalence without sounding like a crazy asshole.
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If we take the term ‘shock rock’ to genuinely mean artists who frighten and repulse the general public, then there is no greater act in the genre’s history than Cannibal Corpse. While the Florida-via-Buffalo death […]
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When Cannibal Corpse officially announced that Erik Rutan was in the group, they noted that he wrote three of the songs on the album. In a new interview with drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz, we get a better sense of just how much of a contribution Rutan made to the record. Advertisement.Continue Reading