Out Now Words by Jimmy Glinster Pissing Razors, what a name! I think I already like these guys without even hearing their tunes. Let’s hope they don’t disappoint, and that the music is as brutal as the band name. Apparently, they are groove metal from Texas which is another two reasons to like this band […] …Continue Reading

BMG 29 October 2021 Words by Matt Gabites Whenever metal-heads of a certain vintage gather together to enjoy a few tunes and ales it can seem as though you are only ever a Spotify shuffle Anthrax track away from an argument about breaking out about ‘The Big Four’ Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer all reside within […] …Continue Reading

The year 1991 was truly transitional for a world of rock and metal – the big, bright hair metal acts that dominated the mid to late 80s were quickly becoming stale and obsolete, as to the tougher, harder thrash scene that was snapping at it's (high) heels. In their stead was a whole new crop […]
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A banner year for the underground and one where metal's biggest album ever was released. Continue reading… …Continue Reading

Over the past decade or so, thrash metal finally started getting the respect it’s always deserved. Though often seen as the rabid, hyperactive little brother of the ‘80s metal scene, the genre has become not […]
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