with Olivia Reppas
The Queen of Scream, the legendary Melissa Cross, has plenty in store for metal vocalists around the world.
As the ultimate ground-breaking vocal coach in extreme voice, Cross has worked with some of metal’s heaviest hitters. From Randy Blythe to Corey Taylor to Rob Flynn, the impact of Cross’ vocal coaching has been heard across iconic albums and epic live sets.
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Interview by Olivia Reppas
This episode of Hash It Out with HEAVY is a hard hitter.
In this revealing interview, none other than Suzi Quatro, the ultimate rocker, gives HEAVY’s Olivia Reppas the lowdown on her new album, The Devil In Me which will be released on March 26.
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Two weeks into 2021 and although the shadow of COVID still looms large it looks like the metal world has started firing back up again with a vengeance!
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Olivia Reppas and Liam Frost- Camilleri have an open and honest discussion about men, mental health and heavy metal.
In this episode of Hash It Out, discussions cover Liam’s heavy metal-themed podcast called The Demons Within: Stories of Metal and Mental Health, his charity fundraiser for Beyondblue, called Beyond Black and Liam’s…Continue Reading

Words by Olivia Reppas
After the release of latest single “Heed (A Call For Unity)”, Crystal Ignite look set to explode into the heights for which they so richly deserve.
The band has always been the voice for those who can’t speak and the balance between music and nature, but with this single…Continue Reading

Thank fuck it’s Friday I say!
I’m off to the Gold Coast for a few days R&R this weekend plus watch some killer bands in the process but before I sign off for the day please allow me to welcome you to this weeks Australian Artist Dig-mag!
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By Olivia Reppas
Sydney hard-rocking outfit Red Sea have never been a band to sit and wait for things to fall their way.
Through relentless touring, stunning live performances and a refreshingly approachable attitude, the band have spread their name and music across this country and have solidified that statement of intent with…Continue Reading