The UNIFY Gathering is officially back in 2022 and the festival is stoked to announce the stacked lineup of all-Australian artists that will be taking over Tarwin Meadows for one monumental weekend of heavy music chaos.
 From promising up and comers to triple j mainstays; nostalgic singalongs, guitar legends and striking storytellers to unapologetic punk-rockers and earthshattering breakdowns, UNIFY 2022 is serving up a plethora of heavy sounds that Aussie music fans can be proud of.
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If you loved Nu-metal and lived in Melbourne during the late 1990s then chances are you were a fan of Australia’s very own kings of the genre – Bison. The band were the cream of the crop during their tenure from 1998 to 2005… and now the band are back with new music… and some unfinished business.
Recently the band teamed up with producer Sam Bassal (from Ocean Grove) to work on some new music and the result is the killer new EP Perfect Mistake which will be released on May 28th. 
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What a week in Australian rock and metal!
The Screaming Jets announced not only a massive tour, but have also revealed details about the re-recording of their debut album All For One which just happens to have its 30th anniversary this year. Frontman Dave Gleeson ran us through the juicy details and throws in a few classic stories of a band who has reached their dirty 30’s.
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After 30 years in the music industry you would be forgiven for slowing down and rolling into your twilight years, living off past glories and basically going through the motions.
Not so The Screaming Jets who have celebrated the 30 year anniversary of their debut album All For One by re-recording the now classic album with the current line-up and repackaging it as a gift and thank you to fans.
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Everyone keeps telling me things slow down closer to Christmas but that’s certainly not the case when it comes to Australian artists!
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Ocean Grove have unleashed a double barrel of goodies, with new single “Dream” coming out as well as a reimagined cut from their latest album with “SUNNY (Remix)”.
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