Members of Megadeth, Obituary and Sepultura join forces on the new Savage Lands track, “The Last Howl,” in support of Costa Rica’s threatened howler monkey.
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Pre-order the massive 480-page oral history of the celebrated Morrisound recording career of iconic extreme metal producer/engineer Scott Burns, and read an excerpt now!
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Obituary. More than three decades since they formed and they’re still cracking them out – as is Donald Tardy in his interview with Calum Harvie. Their (aptly titled) new full-length Dying Of Everything has been welcomed with outstretched arms by fans and critics alike. It’s a shame to think that in our 19 years we haven’t given the cover over to the Floridian death metallers… Maybe that makes it even more of a pleasure to do the honours this issue! […]
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