When four fresh faced teenagers from the Gold Coast burst onto the local music scene with their EP Society Anxiety in 1999 the seeds for a musical revolution were officially sewn. Although Australia had been introduced to the grunge-inspired heavy metal crossed with nu-metal, hard rock and some rap undertones, home grown bands had yet […] …Continue Reading

Brisbane’s metal warriors Dreamkillers return to the stage for the first time in over two years for a special show at Mo’s Desert Clubhouse on May 1. For over 30 years Dreamkillers have torn up stages around the country and have built a strong reputation for their energetic performances and musical honesty. Joining them will […] …Continue Reading

Albury-based Non-Binary Artist Jay Groenveld is lifting the veil on their heavy/artistic project Rain Maiden. The heavy music artist is also dropping their first single (of many to come this year!) Manic. The first single will be released Friday April 29th and is available to be pre-saved/pre-order now at http://ffm.to/rainmaiden_manic. Jay, who identifies as non-binary […] …Continue Reading

Equal parts heavy and fun, Australian trap-metal band The Weight Of Silence certainly know how to throw a party. Emerging onto the scene in 2016, TWOS have been known for a party atmosphere and generally having a good time. That high-energy mantra doesn’t stop on their newest single Hockey Mask (which features SnapLock Junkies), either. […] …Continue Reading

Ageing Nu-Metallers of the world unite. The soundtrack to the middle part of your life is finally here, courtesy of The Violent Inzident. It’s time to ditch family responsibilities and dust off those baggy jeans with the zips all over them, strap on your stripey wristbands and tell your boss “Fuck you I’m NU!” The […] …Continue Reading

April 1 The Violent Inzident have beaten a steady path to their debut album This Is Nu-Metal!, rolling with the punches delivered by a world in the grips of a pandemic and throwing them back with equal force, albeit of a musical nature. The band are the self-anointed saviors of Nu-Metal, and, judging from the […] …Continue Reading

Hailing from Nashville and Memphis S.A.M. have spent the past few years perfecting their mix of alternative sounds that grab the best of metal, rap etc and bring it all together for their own unique sound. Now after the success of their single Way Out the band have just dropped their brand new album Choke […] …Continue Reading

While COVID didn’t discriminate when it came to putting a halt on the music industry, it is fair to say that some bands were hit harder than others. Established bands with a pre-existing fan base had that foundation to lean on when attempting to keep their spirits up and connect with their fan base, but […] …Continue Reading

It’s Friday, which means two things: giving the week the finger and new music! Tune in every Friday for The Pit’s round-up of new metal releases, from singalong hard rock to pus-drenched underground death metal. […]
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Hailing from the lawless desert south of Israel by the Egyptian border lies an explosive group of hoodlums with one of the freshest and most exciting sounds and performances in the entire region. The notoriously masked bandits most commonly known throughout the country as HOTBOX fuse the most eccentric elements of Rapcore and Nu-Metal, reinvented […] …Continue Reading