Watch Norwegian proggy post-hardcore quartet Kambodsja give the one-fingered salute to keyboard warriors worldwide.
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Hear Norwegian retro heshers Flight take wing to the land of Thin Lizzy and B.O.C. on Echoes of Journeys Past.
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13 songs in 28 minutes, following the guidelines of Rick Rubin when he produced Slayer’s “Reign In Blood” almost 40 years ago.  “Don’t Stop”  is Panic Attack! debut album but also it stands as the band’s “last will & testament” to the world. The guidelines of Sam Phillips talking to Johnny Cash in the movie “Walk the Line” […] …Continue Reading

“Usurp The Throne” is the new full-length by the Norway-based black/viking metal outfit UBUREN, following the album “And The Mountains Weep” released in 2019. The new effort is composed of eight tracks, united by a vision of God as a being who deceives through false prophecies and who enjoys playing with the destinies of men, rather than […] …Continue Reading

A lot has changed for Norwegian death metal band DECEPTION since the release of their last EP. The band entered the writing process for their new album, The Mire, with a completely blank canvas when it came to songs and also no bassist. However when HEAVY Magazine’s Dave Griffiths recently sat down with the band’s […] …Continue Reading

Norwegian Black ‘n Roll brigade VREID have announced the release of their new album ‘Wild North West’, which will be released on April 30th via Season of Mist.
The band’s ninth record is not just a collection of songs, but a concept album that developed alongside an entire movie. Throughout eight chapters the listener…Continue Reading

TV Haugaland producer Dag Olav Husås embarks homeward with Norwegian legends Enslaved in new docu-series.
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As part of it’s “Enlightened” exhibition, Norway’s national library has honored Darkthrone’s classic album.
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